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How long can it take to have a quick walking Tour in Stone Town ?

How long can it take to have a quick walking Tour in Stone Town ?

Have you ever wondered how long will it take for you to have a quick tour and enjoy it? Have you ever wondered how long will it take for you to travel from Dar es Salaam to Zanzibar tourist sites and enjoy the tour in a limited time? Answers to these questions depends on how you planned in advance and what your have planned to do and what are your ambitious


Park Hyatt Zanzibar Hotel as seen from Kilimanjaro 6 Ferry approaching Zanzibar Port


If you ever wondered, you’re not alone about all these, Indaressalaam team wanted also to find out how much time is enough to do a quick walking tour to beautiful historical Stone town in the Zanzibar archipelago. Walking tour here implies a tour on foot, and frequently in an urban setting. Short walking tour can last about an hour, while longer ones can be in multiple sites and last for full day or more.


The view of Dar es salaam’s Iconic tower and Twin towers with a BRT terminal as shot from Kilimanjaro 6 Leaving Dar es salaam to Zanzibar.

It was early morning a clear blue sky day of Friday the 7th October 2016 in Dar es Salaam, We have been doing a lot of photo walks around the city and we wanted to try something new. Indaressalaam team was looking for a place to pass the day and the only place could think of was the mighty Zanzibar island. Around 6:30 am the team decided to take the risk of testing how much time will be suffice enough to visit and enjoy the historical sites of Zanzibar archipelago. We boarded Kilimanjaro 6 Fast ferry  at 7:00 am and by 8:30 we were already at the stone Town.

History: What and where is Stone Town

Zanzibar’s stone town also known as Mji Mkongwe, is the old part of Zanzibar City, the main town in Zanzibar. Its located in the western coast of Unguja (main island of Zanzibar).  Stone Town is the largest, living Swahili town in the world and in 2000 UNESCO designated it a ‘’World Heritage Site”.


  The Palace Museum, a monument of Zanzibar’s Omani history as seen in October 10 during indaressalaam Team walking tour in Zanzibar.

There are over 1000 coral stone buildings having architectural significance and more than 200 caved doors. Despite the quaint crumbling architecture, stone town is still very much alive with busy narrow streets, linking homes, shops, workshops, and schools. In the late afternoon, local people like to sit outside drinking coffee, talking variety of topics like sports and politics and playing board games.


Typical street view in Stone Town Zanzibar


Typical street view in Stone Town Zanzibar


There is always something to pick, buy as a gift and send some friends (Ting Tinga Painting in Stone Town Zanzibar)


Catch of the Day,  Free Wi-Fi , Enough to make your travel in Zanzibar special


If you are heading to the pristine beaches of Zanzibar after a walk , Don’t forget to get a pair, He said 15000 Tsh but bought a pair for 5000. Don’t forget to bargain

Within 4 hours, Indaressalaam team did a well worth walking tour from Cine Afrique Malindi, old dispensary, old custom house palace museum, House of wonders museum, forodhani park, Old fort catholic cathedral Shanghani, Tippu Tips’s House all the way to the Old Slave Market. A lot of Amazing restaurants, Hotels many of which offers freshly prepared dishes with sea views or rooftop Panoramas.


 Park Hyatt Zanzibar and the Boats view



The Old Fort


St Joseph Cathedral Zanzibar

The Break: At the floating restaurant

Around 11:30 Am the team decided to take a break to catch the day at The floating Restaurant and enjoyed what was the catch of the day, we read the menu at the wall, and that was exactly what we wanted. While waiting for our food, we took some pictures around the restaurant the view was quit something to behold. This lunch break lasted for one hour and we walked directly back to the ferry terminal to catch the 12:30 Ferry to Dar es salaam.


Reading the Menu, And we are having Grilled Tuna with Rice.


Grilled Tuna with Rice, washed down with Cold Coca cola.



The view from the floating restaurant

After the break

Since we were walking, We took last photos, and by that time, around noon, we found out a lot of tourists and tour guides are coming to the park, was like they were meeting there to start their sightseeing adventure around stone town and some getting ready to catch the Boat to the exotic pristine beaches. We felt the real sense of Zanzibar being a Tourist Destination, There is always a tour guide approaching you while showing you his tour guiding certificate and ID. Looking forward to feeling the same in Dar es salaam.



Going to Catch the Boat



Waiting for the Boat, Negotiating the price.



Tourists at Forodhani Park

Interesting facts

One thing we discovered though, the trip itself was very interesting, great views everywhere from the time you are leaving the city of Dar es salaam, approaching Zanzibar and on your way back again. Whether it is a small dhow boat in the middle of the vast blue Indian Ocean, the wave trails left behind by a fast moving ferry or more importantly the ever growing skyline of our City. From a fast moving ferry, you get different views and if you keep on clicking the images with your camera nonstop you can find out every picture has a different skyline shape which is very interesting.
















Different views from Kilimanjaro Ferry to and From Zanzibar.


The House of Wonders and Palace Museum, important landmarks of Zanzibar’s historic center, are in urgent need of restoration to preserve their structural integrity. World monuments fund









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