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Celebrating The Beauty of Our Earth in Dar es Salaam. (Life On Earth)

Celebrating The Beauty of Our Earth in Dar es Salaam. (Life On Earth)

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                                           Creativity in celebrating Earth day  during the WWIM13 Photowalk

Since the earliest days of Instagram, people have been meeting up to take photos and video together and sharing with other instagrammers. As the community has grown around the world, so too has the occurrence of InstaMeets: a gathering of people coming together to connect, explore, and celebrate their creativity. This year Worldwide InstaMeet 13 was held in every corner of the world with tens of thousands of people joining together on weekend of April 22-24 to explore, share photographic tips and tricks, and take photos and videos together.


                         Dar es salaam skyline as seen from Barack Obama drive during the WWIM13 Photowalk

And since Worldwide InstaMeet 13 fell on Earth Day (April 22), we spent the weekend celebrating the wonder and beauty of our planet together. This event was also an opportunity to get together and give back. For those inspired to include a public service element to their InstaMeet, used #LifeOnEarthWWIM13 #WWIM13DAR #WWIM13TANZANIA hash-tags to share and explore the many ways the Instagram community gives back during the weekend.



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                                   Creativity during the WWIM13   Photowalk  at the Botanical Garden

Given the importance of this event comparing with the current situation of open spaces problems in urban areas particularly in developing countries. The Dar es salaam InstaMeet13 Group decided to explore existing Open spaces in the city to enjoy and learn the existing challenges. We arranged it to happen between, Garden avenue, Samora avenue and Sokoine drive in downtown Dar es salaam.

                                            Beautiful  Sokoine drive as seen during the InstaMeet Photowalk

Many photographers had different opinions and different needs to show their photography creativity while celebrating the space event. Two groups emerged and did a photo-walk in different times of the day. The first group met early in the morning at the botanical garden around 6:00 AM and did all their photographs in the garden shooting different styles and objects and the other met around 3:30 PM at The National Museum and walked all the way through Garden avenue road to the Indian Ocean along Barack Obama drive.
I was lucky to attend both InstaMeets in Dar es Salaam, I and the group explored the beauty mother nature of the city. Not to our expectations of the mother nature, we found tremendous issues when comes to urban open space of developing cities. Our cities are modernized, yes, but frankly we forgot about the only thing that keeps our city super smart (open space) and concentrate on sky-scrapers. Regardless, I have some photos to share about the Creativity in Photography that I witnessed while celebrating the Beauty of Our Earth.


Some of the creativity in celebratng Earth Day at the Botanical Garden during the WWIM13   Photowalk


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Everything in Nature is about Balance ”Milan”, Earth is on Our hands ”Nabil”  words from Dar photography Hobbyist.



           One of the group during the WWIM13   Photowalk along Sokoine Drive near Ocean Road Hospital


                                              Smiling faces during the WWIM13  Earth Day at the Botanical Garden 

 Our take on urban open spaces in CelebratIng Earth Day: Contribution from Junior Research Associate Mr H.F Fakhi Jr.
Dar es Salaam is no different from other developing countries’ modern cities; from the experience during the photo-walk I observe ‘open space’ in Dar es Salaam is a serious problem. In general we don’t have open space per se in Dar es Salaam; our city is full of modern buildings (Highrises), improved and widens paved roads, and we even introduced bus rapid transit recently, we are thus lacking the only and one thing to call our city modern. I don’t insist developing countries’ cities to have urban open space out of my personal interest rather many writers, urban planners, and researchers write on the importance of urban open space, and I am here replicating the issues so as you and I can make our own decision out of it to see whether we need them or not Dar es salaam.



In land use planning, urban open space is the open space areas for parks (green spaces) and other open spaces. This can range from playing fields to highly maintained environments relatively to natural landscapes. This provides benefits to the city and its dwellers in terms of ecology, recreation, and aesthetic value.

                                             Scenes from the Dar es salaam Botanical Garden 


                                                                              The area near the Entrance







































Urban open spaces provide recreation appreciationship in such activities like organized sports and individual exercises, time spent in an urban open space for the recreation offers a reprieve from the urban environment. I am pretty sure our InstaMeet13 could even be superb if we could have open space in the city. I am not saying we didn’t a good one but we just lacked this part of the earth to make it more wonderful. Toronto civic affairs bulletin entitled Urban Open Space: Luxury or Necessity makes the claim that “popular awareness of the balance of nature, of natural process and of man’s place in and effect on nature. From this bulletin we found urban space provide ecological awareness to the people to appreciate the Mother Nature surrounding them. Lastly researchers found having attractive neighborhoods contribute to positive attitudes and social norms; aesthetic value of urban open space provides enjoyment while viewing nature. Other appreciation of urban open spaces includes public health benefits, immunity, and green infrastructure. From these findings, I standout to support the need to have urban open spaces, do you?

                Our WWIM13  Earth Day Photowalk ended here at Barack Obama Drive with a beautiful Sunset.







    Thanking all who participated effectively  see you  next time  the next WWIM14 .


20160503025658 (4)                                                                               This group photo by @Moshyn

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