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Worldwide InstaMeet 14 and The 4th annual 500px Red Bull Photography Global Photo Walk in Dar es salaam

Worldwide InstaMeet 14 and The 4th annual 500px Red Bull Photography Global Photo Walk in Dar es salaam

Worldwide InstaMeet 14 and The 4th annual 500px Red Bull Photography Global Photo Walk was happening on the weekend of September 17-18. In Dar es salaam we Joined tens of thousands of people around the world to explore, share and celebrate this year’s   themes — food,  action and adventure.

Since we are so interested in food and how it affects people especially in urban areas  #WWIM14🍴 and The 4th annual 500px Red Bull Photography Global Photo Walk was an opportunity to connect with friends, old and new, to celebrate the diversity of food and its ability to bring people of all backgrounds together.



Cashew nuts “Korosho” in Swahili , is one of Tanzania’s specialty from south 

The photo walk event helped us to think  how cities are fed. We do believe enough food has to be produced, transported, bought and sold, cooked eaten and disposed off, and something similar has to happen every day for every city on the earth. Where do the food come from?

Its estimated that by 2050 almost twice the number of people will be living in cities , there would be twice the amount of food consumed and we believe this will cause enormous problems on the face of the earth environmentally.dsc_8726

According to the studies, centralization or urbanization is trying to distant us from  most important us and Nature. Supermarkets and centralized food stores are making it easier in a way that when we used to cook now we are just adding water, we don’t smell food to see if it’s okay or fresh we just read back of the label of the package to see expire date, and seems like we do not value and trust food too, so we usually throw it away.



Typical scene of a food trader stall at Kisutu Market

We are going to walk you from the Meeting Point, VIVA Towers at the corner of Ali Hassan Mwinyi Road walking along Bibi Titi Mohamed road to Morogoro road then KISUTU TX Market where we will see the situation of the famous food Market in Dar es salaam CBD.


Meeting Point scene . Smooch Frozen yogurt Joint at the ground floor Viva Tower along Ali Hassan Mwinyi Road. Photo by  Tupilike Mwakajumba

The TEAM has arrived and we are getting ready,


  Getting ready for the walk at Viva Towers , Photo by  Tupilike Mwakajumba


The walk has started and its full of sights and sounds . Along Bibi Titi Mohamed road between Tanganyika Library and the CBE college.


bike stunt rider


bike stunt rider


Just like the theme suggests, shooting Food action and adventure. Peanut or Karanga in swahili, The small table spoon will cost you 250 TSH while  the larger soup spoon cost 500 TSH.


Vertical culture, Most photogrsaphed buildings in Dar es salaam(PSPF Twin towers, TPA Tower and the Upcoming MNF Towers) along Sokoine drive. Photo by Photo by  Tupilike Mwakajumba


Interesting: ELIMU KWA NJIA YA  POSTA – EDUCATION BY POST, Does it mean long distance learning by Post?   Tupilike Mwakajumba says The bygone,we are in the digital age,RIP Elimu Kwa Njia Ya Posta

While walking enjoying road side Tanzanian delicacies is something refreshing and one of the enjoyable experience.

Waiting for Mishkaki during the photo walk. 

Mishkaki is a famous East African bbq meat delicacy. Cubes of steak are marinated and then skewered and grilled until tender, the result is succulent, moist and delicious barbecued meat morsels. It is somewhat similar to the desi beef boti.



Chipsi Mayai.In its most basic form, chipsi mayai is a simple potato-egg omelette. In Tanzania it is also called Zege. It is available in most regions of Tanzania, from the most remote villages to large towns. Food stands both indoors and on streets make them to order, and while potatoes are usually not prepared until late morning in Tanzania, those who are able to find it earlier in the day can have it as a breakfast too.



souvenir stall near CBE college gate

Along Bibi Titi and Morogoro road Junction. Before we head to the Food Market – Kisutu.


The BRT Bus

passion  Having fun with our cameras 



Photos By Tupilike Mwakajumba


Vending food in the street of Dar es salaam , well balanced food basin on the head

Into the food Market. In early years the market was used by Experts from overseas,hence the name TX Market meaning Tanzania Expatriates.dsc_8748

            Watermelon potatoes and anions at the Market


Vegetable and fruits


Vegetable  vender refreshing with a local cup of coffee (Kahawa) as captured during the photo walk event



In this photo walk we tailored our Photo walk route to include Kisutu in order to experience and witness the situation during the business hours.  we do hope the market is maintained and improved to serve its purpose and create one of the most memorable food shopping experience in Dar es salaam for both local and foreign expatriates.

indaressalaam team